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Whence the zhurnal in http://zhurnal.net/ and http://zhurnaly.com/ ? The Russian word for "journal" is zhurnal (журнал), said with an accent on the last syllable: zhoor-NAHL. Although zh is Latinized as a pair of symbols it's really a single letter in the Cyrillic alphabet and has a sound resembling the g in "genre", the z in "azure", or the j in the French "bon jour". Zhurnaly (Журналы) is the plural.

And in a magical-marvelous linguistic coincidence of sound and meaning, the word zhurnal is pronounced just like the central syllables of the English phrase Treasure Knowledge --- which is precisely what the ^zhurnal http://zhurnaly.com/ is all about. What a miracle!

(see also SecretOrigins (3 Aug 2001), ...)

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