Like many, ^z became interested in religion as a teen-ager; unlike many, his hyperanalytic persona sent him not to temples or mosques or chapels but rather to bookstores and library stacks. Four authors encountered in the 1969-1973 timeframe still surface sporadically from the swamps of his subconscious:

What more recent books should one read on modern theological themes?

(The above citations are from memory, somewhat faded over a span three decades; please forgive any garbles. See also My Religion, 6 Nov 2000, and BearingWitness, 17 Jan 2001)

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Tao : The Watercourse Way, by Alan W. Watts, Al Chung-Liang Huang

Alan Watt's last and unfinished book. As someone once commented, unlike most writers, Alan's insights actually affected the way he lived his life. Includes a fascinating section on the Chinese language.

The Tao of Pooh, by Benjamin Hoff

Lao Tsu wasn't the only person to discover the Taoist view of the world and uses AA Milne's writing to illustrate the key concepts.

-- JonathanSturm

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