We Are Made for One Another

In her 14 Feb 2022 NYT essay "A Valentine's P.S.A.: Instagram Is Not Your Friend Today" Margaret Renkl turns from the negatives of social media to the positive side of life, together, in this incredibly beautiful universe:

... The fullest happiness comes from a community – a real community of real people. Whether or not that community includes a partner, it definitely doesn't arise from an online platform that sows discord and sorrow, an algorithm that only deepens human despair.

That's what I used to write on Facebook at this time of year, though I don't do that anymore because the less time I spend on Facebook the happier I am. But if I still posted Valentine's Day greetings on a site swarming with public declarations of love, here is what I would write to anyone who is lonely, whose heart is broken, or who grieves a love gone too soon from this gorgeous, temporary world:

Whatever the world seems determined to tell us on this day for love that shuts so many people out, no one is alone. We are, all of us, made for one another.

You were made for me, and I was made for you, and we were both made for the grieving widow and the friendless child and the old man sleeping in the sunny library chair and the tired barista just barely leaning her hip against the counter and the teenager sneaking a smoke in the parking lot and the woman in high heels pumping gas and the cyclist pedaling head-down in the whoosh of passing traffic and the bored checkout clerk and the irritated mother whose child will not put on her shoes and the fog-breathed lineman in the bucket high above branches just on the verge of breaking into bud.

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