The visual look of this wiki is largely controlled through Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) directives. Not all browsers handle these and their options in a consistent, or even correct way. Presumably there will be ongoing experiments, none of which should render the content totally unreadable -- but hey, if they cant read it, they can't complain anywhere, or ... ?

Ideally, sizing should be expressed relative current font size, so that it scales properly with user size preferences in any browser client. Sadly, the most common browser, MS Internet Explorer is not only inconsistent, and sometimes "wrong" in how it carries over properties between markup classes, but it is inconsistent between different versions and platforms. Netscape shows even greater variance there. Opera is good, but not perfect. All are -- different. So it goes...

Thus practical stylesheet directives must often effect compromises and use both font-relative and pixel-absolute sizing.

Last change was to make headers pixel-absolute width and to have the logo float right. (4 Sep 2001)

Hmm... logo float right kills heading format for page title (but even shor titles word wrap). Weird. -- Netscape Navigator 4.76 in Solaris.


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