Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Wisdom and hope, from an interview with actor Tom Hanks held by Hadley Freeman. When asked about himself: "... I don't carry around a lot of anger. But rather than just being nice, I think I'm kind. ..." and "There's no reason not to greet the world with some kind of kindness." The conversation concludes with Hanks addressing the challenges of life from the viewpoint of his character, Capt Ernie Krause, in his latest film Greyhound:

"... Krause has a little card that says: 'Yesterday, today and forever.' That's all we have as human beings and that's all we have in the midst of the 19 different crises that we're facing right now, between Covid-19, worldwide economic disaster, what happened to George Floyd – the great reckoning that we're all going through. What do we have that we can have faith in? Well, we can have an understanding of yesterday, we can have a plan for today, and we can have hope for forever, and that's it. That's my wisdom. It ain't much, Hadley, but is there anything else?"

In a box:

An Understanding of Yesterday
        A Plan for Today
                Hope for Forever

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