Zen Productivity

Helpful thoughts by Leo Babauta, originally written in ~2011, on reducing stress and getting stuff done, from a note titled "Zen Productivity":

  1. Trust in the Moment — have faith that things will work out ("... nothing really bad will happen to me in the future if I act consistent with my principles here in the present ...")
  2. Meditate for a Few Minutes — check in with this moment ("... Just sit still for 3 minutes, and pay attention to the breath, to your body, to the sounds around you. Keep coming back to these things in the present when your mind wanders ...")
  3. Make a Short List — focus on a few important things ("... What will make the most difference today? Not just the semi-urgent emails, but the tasks that mean the most to my life and career. This tends to be about 3 things per day, though go ahead and write down 5 things if you can't limit it to 3 ...")
  4. Single-Task — pick one important thing and stick to it ("... stay with the present task instead of allowing [yourself] to constantly switch ...")
  5. Set Intentions — figure out why this task is important ("... What do I hope to accomplish? What's my motivation? ...")
  6. Realize you're already there — cherish the now and recognize its perfection ("... This moment is just as good as wherever we're rushing off to. We've already arrived ...")
  7. Keep a stateless mindset — focus on the current task ("... by letting go of past and future tasks, and just focusing on the current task, we can be less stressed and burdened throughout the day ...")
  8. Let go of finishing your list or inbox — don't fret about reaching some wonderful end-state ("... There's an arbitrary number of emails in your inbox, an arbitrary number of tasks on your list. What does it matter if you finish the day with zero or three left? It doesn't change your life ...")

... good suggestions, albeit rather redundant and disorganized and most relevant to those privileged enough to have the luxury of not-doing. But that doesn't make them wrong!

And so it all comes down to:

Let Go

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