2004-11-13 - Wonderful Windy Weather

14+ miles, 167 minutes --- another big loop from home (via Georgetown Branch to Rock Creek Trail, south along Beach Drive to Military Road, then west to Western Avenue to River Road, arriving at Georgetown Branch Trail near mile marker 4.5; thence home again). Cool and comfortable; the first five miles glide by at ~11:30 pace, and the final five at ~11:00. Considerable walking in the middle segment lowers the overall speed.

I carry a digital camera and take zero pictures; I begin by wearing a hat and take it off after the first couple of miles. Heavy rain the previous day bequeaths big puddles to the paths. Creeks are engorged and muddy. Autumn leaves accumulate, then scatter when the wind whips them. MINI Cooper count: 1, on Military Road near Chevy Chase. I drink a bottle of Gatorade before setting out (~10am), and consume a Clif Bar and ~32 oz. of water en route ...

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