2006-07-07 - Texas Homecoming Speedwork

7+ miles @ ~12 min/mi

The sign at the entrance to Lyndon Baines Johnson High School reads:

Whether you're licensed to carry or not!

That admonition is followed by a long list of forbidden objects. I'm in Austin Texas, visiting family, and this warm and humid morning I arrive at the LBJ Jaguar ballfields after a 1+ mile jog. There's a nice springy-surface track here, which I have to myself until a couple of young señoritas appear to walk some laps and chat together. Half an hour later three señoras pile out of a minivan, walk a mile, and then return to their car and drive away. Large passenger jets cruise overhead as they depart the local airport.

My "speedwork" consists of eight 800 meter trots, average ~4:27, with half-lap (~2 min) recovery walks in between. My long shadow on the dew-coated grass displays a retroreflected halo aroung the head. Crows feed on the infield and a black dragonfly buzzes past. I take a Succeed! electrolyte capsule after the first few miles, and that plus sugar candies keep me moving. My Red Sox mesh shirt is sweat-soaked and I take it off for several laps, then don it again for the jog back to my Mother's home, where I lived from 1964 into the 70's.