2007-09-19 - Paint Branch Trot

~4.5 miles @ ~8.7 min/mi

At 7:15pm on Wednesday evening I start at the same Paint Branch location (Milepost 1.5) as on Monday, but this time head upstream dodging cyclists, inline skaters, and dog-walkers. My first two miles are brisk (8:48 + 8:50) as bats flit low overhead in the area devastated by tornado winds several years ago. Swamp waters reflect the sunset between ravaged tree stumps. There's a roughly-quarter-mile jog (2:27) from Milepost 3.5 to where the trail crosses Cherry Hill Rd just inside the Capital Beltway. Traffic is too heavy for me to proceed, so I return (in 2:17) to that marker and run a downstream mile in deeping gloom of 8:45. Gray and Robin phone to tell me that they're ready to go home; I pant out answers while still running, since I feel like trying a strong finishing kick. It works; I make it back through near-darkness in a surprising final mile time of 8:15 — whew!

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