2008-07-26 - Dark Alibi

~5 miles @ ~10 min/mi

The forest path is dim at 5:40am, since rosy-fingered Dawn has only just begun to stretch out her hands to tickle the last-quarter moon. Construction barriers, "CAUTION!" tape, and parked earthmoving equipment are easy to get around. "Honestly, Officer, it was too gloomy for me to read the signs!" I say to myself as I pick my way past the barriers and proceed downhill to Rock Creek Trail, moonshadow trotting in front of me. The Army is fixing the Ireland Dr "Carriage Trail" bridges, which have long been deteriorating as part of Walter Reed Annex, so I slow my pace slightly and avoid falling. I pause to tap my shoe on the newly-poured concrete at one span, to make sure it's solid. On the Rock Creek Trestle of the CCT I find 63¢: two quarters, a dime, and three pennies. The rest of the way home I try to remember something about finite-state automata, which reminds me of a Turkish obscenity that a Caltech student-friend taught me a few decades ago.

(experiment: instead of "batch mode" jog log entries, which nobody reads and which are hard to search, I'll try to post notes on my runs individually, with the date at the start of the title ...)

^z - 2008-08-14

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