2008-11-27 - SCT-Wheaton-RCT Circuit

~10 miles @ ~11 min/mi

Thanksgiving Day offers much to be thankful for: I'm back out on the run, and haven't fallen down yet! My only complaint is that after an hour my shoulder blades start to get tight. Perhaps the atrophied left arm isn't doing its share of the job, or maybe I'm just holding my hands wrong. Or maybe the physical therapy exercises have strained the joints a bit and I'm not quite recovered. In any case, the run is good, the weather is moderate, and the people I encounter are friendly. I hit the major road crossings fortuitously in sync with the traffic and encounter few delays. "Lightning Crashes" by Live successfully drives "Mamma's Little Helper" out of my internal music loop. A faster runner leads me on a 9:39 mile eight along Rock Creek Trail.