2009-04-30 - Cool Morning Mile

~7 miles ~ @ 10 min/mi

"Excellent pacing, Sir," I pant, "Thank you!" I've just finished a mile and the lanky young fellow who materialized to lead me through laps 2 and 3 is jogging by. Half an hour earlier in semi-darkness at 0545 I dither at the end of my front steps about which way to run today. I'm taking the morning off from work to visit the dentist. The chilly air decides me: down Dale Dr to the track at the Silver Spring International Middle School. Four laps test my legs: 1:46 + 1:48 + 1:46 + 1:39 for a 6:59ish total. I hope it's a quarter mile track and not 400m. In contrast to the outbound journey I'm not at all cold during the return trek via Sligo Creek Trail and Forest Glen Rd, as I greet increasing numbers of joggers while the day brightens.

^z - 2009-05-02