2009-08-28 - Buzzy Loops

~3 miles @ ~9 min/mi

Twenty-two minutes out I'm zipping along the second parking-lot circuit when a black shape dive-bombs me and lands on my right arm. Ow!—a wasp! (shades of 2009-08-22 - Two Bees, or Not Two Bees) I brush it off and try to pinch out some of the venom as I watch for symptoms of anaphylactic shock. Nothing ... so I finish the lap and retreat back to work. Much-hoped-for thunderstorms have passed and it's just warm and humid. My ~1.5 mile lap times today are 14:06 and 11:48, about the same as 2009-08-19 - Parking Lot Periphery.

^z - 2009-09-06