2009-09-18 - Three Parking Lot Loops

~4.5 miles @ ~8.8 min/mi

Friday afternoon is warm and sunny, but it's also a chance to blow some dust out of the pipes. The locker room is almost empty compared to other weekdays. The first ~1.5 mile lap around the parking lot periphery goes by at ~9.2 min/mi, a bit faster than I intended. The second at what feels like comfortably brisk pace is a perfect 9.0 min/mi, during which I meet my bus-commute acquaintance Lorrine out on a walk. Then pushing on the third gets it down to a slightly startling 7.8 min/mi. As I rush toward its end I zip by a young fellow jogging with headphones; he's wearing a "Ninja Academy" t-shirt.

^z - 2009-09-21