2010-06-04 - Code Orange Air Quality

8+ miles @ ~ 11 min/mi

A big brown groundhog humps off the trailside as I approach. Nobody tells me that the air quality today is Code Orange, but soon enough after I start, about 4pm from Reston near the corner of Wiehle and Sunrise Valley, the heat and humidity start cooking my goose. Within a few miles I'm well-done. It's a bit over a mile to the W&OD Trail, and from milepost 15.5 the first three miles are 9:51 + 10:20 + 10:31. I drink down my water supply and stop at the Trolley fountain in Vienna to refill and take an S! e-cap. The next three miles on the trail have involuntary walk breaks every few minutes, and pass by in 12:26 (including the water stop) + 11:12 + 11:06. Total time to tag the post at the Dunn Loring Metro is 1:30:33.

^z - 2010-06-11