2010-06-10 - Shortened Speedwork

~3 miles @ ~9.2 min/mi

"Mice?" "No, termites!" In an old house, copper pipes develop pinhole leaks over the decades. A plumber fixes them and notices a possible insect infestation. That's why on a hot Thursday morning I'm at work around the outside of my home, helping to dig up and transplant ferns, daylilies, and blackeyed susans to clear a perimeter so that the underground ant attack can be repelled. I'm also home to get a tooth crowned (cf. 2010-05-25 - King Me). But the dentist discovers that the mold he took a fortnight ago wasn't good enough, so he fills a cavity for me and makes another mold. After yardwork the temporary crown cracks, but fortunately I can rush back and get another one.

So following that comedy of errors what else can go awry? At 4:30pm I decide to try some speedwork at the local track (SSIMS = Silver Spring International Middle School). In the sun my goose is soon cooked: I try to do 800 meter intervals in 3:45, and manage to maintain that for two pairs of laps. But when repeat #5 deteriorates to 3:51 I toss in the (wet) towel. Maybe another day!

^z - 2010-06-22