2010-06-16 - Goose Creek

~3.5 miles @ ~19 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Goose_Creek_run_2010-06-16.jpgLike a dewdrop on a flower petal, a bead of sweat hangs pendulous from the tip of Mary Ewell's nose as we stand by her car after our run. "I wish you had a camera!" she laughs.

Last week's barbecue from the store formerly known as Partlow's on the W&OD Trail was such a hit that I have a great excuse to run again with Mary—as if any excuse were needed. Mary as always is a cheery delight. Today she takes me to the Keep Loudoun Beautiful Park, a gateway to the Potomac Heritage Trail near Leesburg VA. We park at the end of Golf Club Rd and first head the wrong way along Goose Creek—oops!

The narrow path becomes increasingly overgrown and steep, until after 0.2 miles we turn back. A fisherman—probably drunk, according to Mary—tells us that the true trail goes downstream under Route 7. We follow it and soon find ourselves cruising through lovely woods. About 1.6 miles downstream, after passing some young ladies cursing loudly into cellphones, we meet young men with an unleashed dog and find the kayak launch area, Kephart Landing in Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park. Back we go, along the way meeting a big deer. Both Mary and I run hot, so after we get to Mary's car we take turns wetting our faces with what water we have left in our bottles. Then it's off to get BBQ for the carnivores at home. |

^z - 2010-06-30