2010-08-05 - Solo Speedwork

~5 miles @ ~9 min/mi

A yellow-and-black caterpillar with an orange head humps its way along a twig; unfortunately, the twig is lying on the ground, so I wonder what the bug will do when it gets to the end and finds no leaves. By the time I pass on my next lap, it's gone. A cool morning tempts me out onto the woodsy loop at work again at 7:30am; no one else is there. On the first circuit I try breathing every four paces (inhale 4 steps, exhale 4 steps), then pick up the pace and for the next 1.1+ mile do a full breath every three paces, then every two, and on the fourth go-around it's a breath every pace. My mile-marker times accelerate accordingly: 10.3 + 9.4 + 8.3 + 7.2 min.

^z - 2010-08-22