2010-08-21 - Comus Run 5k XC

~3.1 miles @ ~8.7 min/mi

Free ice cream and freee beer—who could say no to that?! So in spite of running a few dozen miles this morning, and in spite of the warm, humid, Code Orange Forecast air quality, in late afternoon I pick up Barry Smith at his home (so he can drink the free beer) and proceed to the Bachman farm in northern Montgomery County for the MCRRC Comus 5k cross-country race. I push hard and manage to finish in 26:53, 44th place overall, 5th out of 12 in my age/sex group. The ice cream cookie-sandwich I snag is superb.

(cf. 2008-08-16 - Comus Run 2008, 2009-08-15 - The Bridges of Sligo Creek Trail plus Comus Run, ...) - ^z - 2010-09-06