2010-10-17 - CM Returns

~4.2 miles @ ~13.5 min/mi

In the pre-dawn darkness, near mile 2 of Rock Creek Trail, bizarre sounds ring out. "What was that?" Cara Marie Manlandro and I ask one another. We debate and eventually decide that it must be strange birds. "Loons!" I declare.

Throughout most of this summer CM is ill, with horribly bad pneumonia. Last Wednesday she gets a clean bill of health and can run again. She does a few test miles on Saturday. At ~6am Sunday morning she drops by my home and I give her a flashlight to carry as we set off around my neighborhood loop: across the train tracks, down Ireland Dr to Rock Creek Trail, downstream to near East-West Hwy, and home via the Capital Crescent Trail and Warren St. Much good conversation ensues, as expected.

^z - 2010-10-28