2011-07-04 - DCRRC Age-Handicapped Four Mile Race

~4 miles @ ~7.8 min/mi

"Go Texas!" — Cynthia Wallace wears eye-catching Lone Star State running garb. Jeanne Larrison has on the Stars and Stripes for this warm and humid Independence Day morning. Christina Caravoulias is coming back from a foot injury earlier this week; she and I ran the race together three years ago (2008-07-04 - DCRRC Age-Handicapped 4 Miler). Today I don the prize I won that day, a size XXL DCRRC singlet. Ken Swab drives his Miata with the top down and gets us to the Carderock parking area on the C&O Canal Towpath, ~7 miles, in less time than it takes me to run one mile. (Note to self: make sure life insurance is paid up before riding with Ken again.) Splits by the GPS: 7:31 + 7:44 + 8:02 + 7:58 plus a few seconds for 31:34 total. Add 17 minutes offset for age-adjustment. Donation to pick-your-prize table: yoga tapes and running magazines. Chosen award: scented candle in a little trash-can-shaped holder.

(cf. GPS trackfile, race announcement, official results) - ^z - 2011-07-20