2011-08-09 - RCT with CM

~4 miles @ ~9.5 min/mi

"Don't blame me — today is all your fault!" Cara Marie Manlandro says as soon as she can catch her breath. It's a warm and humid Tuesday morning when, a bit after 10am, I pick CM up at her home and we drive to Lake Needwood. Geese stand by the road and eye us warily. A county truck pumps water out of one hole and into another, with excess spraying across the bikepath. Starting at milepost 14 on Rock Creek Trail we run to milepost 12 and back, descending in pace according to CM's stopwatch: 9:45 ⇒ 9:38 ⇒ 9:19 ⇒ 9:10 min/mi. Chatter includes job interviews, thesis work, upcoming and recent races, etc. The GPS trackfile is a few percent short today, in contrast to Sunday when it erred in the long direction.

^z - 2011-08-21