2011-08-10 - RCT with Rebecca

~4.7 miles @ ~10.1 min/mi

Rebecca Rosenberg is exactly like me: she has a hard time accepting a favor. After much haggling she lets me pick her up at her home abut 7am on the way to KenGar where we set off upstream from milepost 7 on Rock Creek Trail. It's cool but humid, dewpoint above 60°F. The trek feels tough. "Maybe we're tired from yesterday's training runs?" — "Maybe I'm coming down with something?" — "Maybe it's the company today?" — "Maybe I'm still recovering from the Catoctin 50k?" — "Maybe I need vitamins?" — "Maybe it was the blood donation a couple of weeks ago?" Lots of excuses, none plausible. Rebecca describes her recent dental saga. She unconsciously speeds up, she says, when she's talking; me too. I suggest a rule for us both: after somebody offers three times to do something for you, just say Yes! Back at KenGar we do a cooldown walk to the water fountain where a woman with a big Lab shows us how her dog can drink out of the palm of her hand. "You should take a photo of that!" Rebecca recommends.

(GPS trackfile, ...) - ^z - 2011-08-24