2011-12-01 - Pimmit Hills GPS Tests

~5.5 miles @ ~8.5 min/mi

My rough estimate on 2011-11-21 - Pimmit Hills Recovery Run of the distance around the small lunchtime loop near work turns out to be surprisingly close, according to GPS measurements made going clockwise and counterclockwise in succession. At the middle of the excursion I pause at the start/finish line in the office parking lot to change the Garmin from "Smart" recording of data to capturing one point per second — far more wasteful of the device's memory, but is it any more precise? The two methods agree quite well in this test, 2.77 vs. 2.78 miles. Elevation profiles are radically different, but measuring the third dimension is a common GPS challenge. (cf. Wikipedia:Dilution_of_precision_(GPS)) Pace for the first lap is a brisk-for-me 8.8 min/mi, including a couple of pauses at McGarity Rd to let speedy cars blast past. The second circuit, in the opposite direction, is even faster at 8.4 min/mi.

^z - 2011-12-11