2012-02-23 - Laps at SSIMS

~4 miles @ ~8.2 min/mi

The track at Silver Spring International Middle School, 5:30pm on a warm weekday evening: moms pushing baby carriages, kids kicking soccer balls along and across the lanes, toddlers learning to walk, a pair of scarf-wrapped Islam-observant ladies strolling side-by-side, children pedaling tricycles and coasting on scooters, ... and a few runners. For six ~800m repeats the GPS trackfile shows brisk times of 3:39 ⇒ 3:39 ⇒ 3:42 ⇒ 3:43 ⇒ 3:39 ⇒ 3:34 with that fastest last interval aided by Robin pacing me.

^z - 2012-03-02