2012-03-01 - Blair HS Track Night Laps

~3 miles @ ~8.3 min/mi

After picking up Chinese carry-out for the starving masses Robin and I go to the Blair High School track and start running. Cara Marie Manlandro has told me to "descend" in pace, and that's the recipe in the darkness, with a first-quarter moon high overhead plus minimal illumination from lights at the football field and parking lot nearby. The GPS trackfile (adjusted to add ~9 seconds per mile, making up for its too-generous distance estimate) says 9:40 ⇒ 8:05 ⇒ 7:15. It's gloomy-spooky, with faint moonshadows underfoot and an unidentified third silent person doing slow laps.

^z - 2012-03-08