2012-05-03 - Lake Artemesia Loop

~2 miles @ ~8.4 min/mi

At 6:45pm Robin and I arrive at College Park to find an event going on at the Uniersity of Maryland track. Plan B: we drive through campus and park behind Paint Branch Elementary School. At the flagpole in front we start down the connector path to Paint Branch Trail, first at a slow warmup jog. Robin alternates minutes of walking and running. I accelerate into a brisk ~8 min/mi trot around the Lake Artemesia loop, where flocks of walkers and cyclists and joggers are enjoying the warm evening. The iPhone GPS shows the route. Robin takes the bridge connector route to save ~1/3rd mile, and we meet for a cooldown walk/jog back to the car and then dinner at Marathon Deli.

^z - 2012-05-17