2012-05-30 - Silver Spring Loop

~4.6 miles @ ~10.3 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Robin_on_a_Bus.jpgIn late afternoon Robin runs downtown to get a pulled pork sandwich at Stage Burger, so as soon as I get home I change into shorts and take advantage of the cool evening by trotting off to meet him. So the trackfile map will be more interesting I take Dale Dr to the little trail/bikepath, which I haven't been on since 2007-07-25 - Downtown Silver Spring. I pause the clock for a few minutes when Robin and I meet at Cameron and Colesville Rd, then help Robin eat his french fries. Runens on the iPhone puts my mile splits as 10:07 + 10:08 + 11:25 + 10:30 with a final blitz at 9:43 when I see Robin's bus home pass me with half a mile to go.

^z - 2012-06-20