2012-06-02 - Deliverator to UM

~10 miles @ ~11 min/mi

A pair of polychromatic rocking chairs decorate the bus stop on New Hampshire Av, and I'm tempted to stop and take a photo. A few minutes later temptation beckons again as the local Taco Bell is visible on the opposite corner of the intersection. But I must resist — I'm on a mission! Daughter Gray is staying in a dorm at the University of Maryland for the next few weeks, helping at the National Orchestral Institute, and I've got a package from Amazon.com in hand that arrived for her. Rather than drive it over, I'm running it to her.

The cool afternoon weather is irresistible, even though I've already been out this morning (2012-06-02 - Derwood Loop with CM). A bit of online map study suggests a reasonable route: Dale Dr to Colesville Rd to Sligo Creek Trail, thence to NH to University Blvd and so to campus. It's mostly sidewalk, with a bit of bikepath in the middle, but that's ok. Flocks of cyclists and joggers and dog-walkers are out today. After I find Allegeny Hall on campus and hand Gray her slightly-sweaty box I continue to the College Park Metro, where it turns out trains are single-tracking today. The wait is longer than expected. Perhaps I should have taken a bus home?

Runens measurements are a bit more conservative than the Garmin GPS trackfile and give mile splits of 10:44 + 10:46 + 10:46 + 10:46 + 10:54 + 11:05 + 10:41 + 11:42 + 13:09 + 9:49 as I compensate for a slow ninth mile with a faster tenth.

^z - 2012-06-20