2012-08-26 - CCT with Ken and Rebecca

~8 miles @ ~10.9 min/mi

A glowing rectangle over the girl's navel captures the gaze in the gloom of the Dalecarlia Tunnel. Mutant Teletubby? Robot control panel? Fashion accessory? No, as we converge it turns into an iPhone display, strapped on the front of her belt-pack. Yesterday I fail to call Rebecca Rosenberg and Ken Swab when I miss the planned meet-up at Candy Cane City (see 2012-08-25 - Rock Creek Park with Alyssa and Tim). They waste considerable time waiting. Rebecca is polite but firm as she chastens me. Sorry! — I'll try not to do that again. This Sunday morning I'm surprised to see Rebecca arriving at the Capital Crescent Trail plaza in downtown Bethesda a minute ahead of me; she's usually late. We chat until Ken arrives, then set off southwards. At River Rd two of us walk while the third visits the McDonalds restroom. Then it's speedy trotting time again, with splits from the Garmin GPS of 10:22 + 12:49 + 10:17 + 10:16 + 11:12 + 10:30 + 10:52 + 10:22 as we turn back at mile marker 6.5, take the Air Rights tunnel under Wisconsin Av to mile 2.5, and conclude at mile 3.5 where we began. Conversation ranges widely as usual. The Annapolis 10 Miler is underway today; Ken's daughter Hilary Swab is running it, as are several other friends.

^z - 2012-09-12