2012-11-25 - CCT Meet-Up

~6 miles @ ~10.7 min/mi

I'm ~10 minutes early for the rendezvous with Rebecca Rosenberg, Ken Swab, and Barry Smith, so I sit on the bench in downtown Bethesda and eat part of a Snickers bar while waiting. The gang soon appears and we do an out-and-back southwards along the CCT, diverting onto the Little Falls Trail for part of the return. Conversation is light and fun. "V" (Javi) Hartenstine materializes from a side path and runs with us for the final mile; she greeted me earlier this morning and now is finishing her ~3 hour ramble. When asked "What are you training for?" she replies, "Dinner!". The Garmin measures a reasonable 6.34 miles while Runkeeper says 6.54 with a glitch at the Dalecarlia tunnel. Rebecca and I agree that we need to start training seriously for the spring marathon season. Barry kindly gives me a ride home.

(cf. 2012-06-30 - Meet V, 2012-07-01 - Rock Creek Ramble (and V Again), ...) - ^z - 2012-12-18