2013-02-02 - Cold Rock Creek Trail Trek

~20 miles @ ~12.2 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Cold_Rock_Creek_Run.jpg"Is Ash Wednesday on Wednesday?"

"Yes, it usually is."

"I mean, is it this Wednesday!?"

"The other interpretation was funnier."

"I know."

Banter continues apace on a cold winter morning, as Gayatri Datta, Sara Crum, Barry Smith, and Rebecca Rosenberg join me to trot along Rock Creek. |

Temps are in the upper teens when we start, and I'm wearing two hats, one on my head, the other tucked into my shorts. I pause on the way from home to our 0730 Candy Cane City rendezvous to take photos of the pulchritudinous "mermaid fountain" in the National Park Seminary, with dawn's baby-blanket pink and blue clouds behind it.

After out-and-back warm-ups as the gang gathers we commence the trek to Ken-Gar. A friendly fellow who calls himself "Dan" joins us near there, finishing up his 3 mile day. Rebecca and Sara stop when we're back to their cars; Gayatri and Barry and I continue to the DC line and back. Then to finish up her goal distance Gayatri and I run back past Meadowbrook Stables, where Barry picks me up and kindly gives me a ride home. | http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Mermaid_Fountain_at_Dawn.jpg |

(Garmin GPS and Runkeeper app concur to within 1%; cf. 2012-06-06 - National Park Seminary Statues) - ^z - 2013-02-14