2013-03-05 - McLean Loops

~3 miles @ ~10.5 min/mi

At 0530 I give Kristin the flashlight and she takes me on what she initially thinks is "Ed's Loop" but later realizes is missing a mile or so prelude. As we exit at the loading dock my former group leader Pat Cook is incoming, so I get to laugh about scoring some points in his eyes. Temps are near freezing and a last-quarter moon glows through thin clouds. The sidewalks and streets of McLean are quiet, and we chatter about family and health and a flock of chickens that roam Kristin's neighborhood. To add some mileage when re get back to our start at only ~1.8 on the GPS we try one circuit of the three-loop MITRE 5k route and it indeed appears to be a bit over 1.0 miles. At the end we're struggling to remember the term for blaming others but not oneself — Fundamental Attribution Error, cartographer friend Meredith later enlightens me. Runkeeper and Garmin concur, with splits approximately 11:07 + 10:12 + 10:04 min/mi descending in pace.

^z - 2013-03-23