2013-05-26 - Wheaton Regional Park with Mary

~4.3 miles @ ~14.2 min/mi

Dear comrade Mary Ewell visits my family at the Old Homestead, and then we ride together to New Place and take a rambling tour together of Wheaton Regional Park byways, both paved and natural-surface. Wonderful "trail talk" ensues, extraordinarily therapeutic, concerning our silly lives. (Thank you, Mary — I am truly blessed to have such lovely friends!) We also discuss training plans, triathlon strategy, modern medical fallacies, and nutrition. As we return to Henderson Avenue a speedy buff young fellow passes us and incentivizes Mary to give chase for the last quarter mile. I concur in her admiration of his chiseled calves and upper-body musculature. Runkeeper and Garmin concur to within ~2%.

^z - 2013-06-13