2013-06-30 - Sunday Shuffle

~11 miles @ ~11.5 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Parallel_lines_DO_converge.jpgParallel lines sometimes do converge, eh? It's a high-humidity sweat-soaked neighborhood ramble this morning, with a digression to circle the northernmost point of the DC diamond, a boundary stone placed in 1792. Comrade Norm Kahn is out for a morning stroll and waves.

Barry Smith runs mile 5 with me, and then Rebecca Rosenberg, Sara Crum, and Ken Swab join us for miles 6-9, including a Mormon Temple hill climb. It's great chatting with Rebecca about life and friendships and challenges. Then another solo climb up Stoneybrook past the Temple, and home alone along the northern route, cutting through the valley behind McKenney Hills Park and the new elementary school.

Two rabbits peek out during the first mile. Runkeeper and Garmin generally agree on mileage and timing. Splits by the Garmin: 10:19 + 11:07 + 9:57 + 10:12 + 11:31 + 17:08 (including meeting-up with the gang) + 11:22 + 11:20 + 11:46 + 10:05 + 10:32 and a final fraction at 9:42 min/mi pace.

^z - 2013-07-19