2013-08-17 - Rock Creek Trot

~17 miles @ ~11.8 min/mi

T-shirt found in the middle of East-West Highway: "Adcock's Trapping Service -- If it runs, climbs, slithers, or flies, we'll catch it!"

It's a lovely-cool August morning trek along Rock Creek with Gayatri Datta, Sandra "Sam" Yerkes, Barry Smith, and Rebecca Rosenberg. I see 2 Warren St rabbits at dawn + 6 big deer along Capital Crescent Trail and on Ray's Meadow. Sam and Gayatri and I meet at 0630 at Candy Cane City and do an out-and-back with a little extra loop along hilly Leland St and then join Barry and Rebecca a little after 7am. We jog upstream along Rock Creek. After ~3 miles Rebecca and I turn back with Barry to escort him to his car, since he has a race later today to run. Gayatri and Sam continue onward.

Then Rebecca and I head upstream again, and meet Sam and Gayatri just inside the Beltway. On the return-return-return journey Sam and I are in the lead when a couple of buff young ladies dash past us near the Susanna Ln branch. We give chase and are close behind them until they stop at Ray's Meadow and salute us. "It's good for the youth," I tell Sam, "to see that their elders can still keep up with them!" Rebecca and Gayatri join us and, passing the Meadowbrook Stables, a handsomely chiseled young shirtless man zooms by. "Shall we try to catch him?" I ask the three ladies with me. We all laugh.

Garmin GPS and Runkeeper roughly concur. Splits from the Garmin are 10:11 + 8:28 (rushing to make it on time to meet Gayatri and Sam) + 14:13 (pause to get started) + 12:43 (hilly Leland St) + 16:47 (pause to sync up with Barry and Rebecca) + 13:16 + 12:01 + 12:13 + 11:53 + 11:36 + 11:37 + 12:10 + 10:39 + 9:53 (Sam and I give chase to a pair of youths) + 12:54 (good-byes) + 9:44 + 9:33 and a final fraction at ~9 min/mi pace. | http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Adcock_Trapping_Service_t-shirt.jpg |

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