2014-02-13 - Brrrrrrrrr

~1.8 miles @ ~11.5 min/mi

"Peer Pressure!" Kristin offers, as our reason to run in 13-degree weather with sub-zero wind chill from northerly gusts of 20+ mi/hr. "Bragging Rights!" I counter-propose. We dance around ice puddles and take the Hunting Avenue cut-through. "No rabbits this morning?" I ask when we pass by their typical zone. "They're too smart!" Kristin says.

There's a busy work day ahead for us both (including a major interview, which turns out ok, yay!) so The Sensible One suggests we end the circuit early. The Foolish One concurs. We give thanks for the company and for hot showers. Monday's forecast is 4°F. Runkeeper records route.

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