2014-05-03 - Rock Creek Park with Barry and Rebecca

~20 miles @ ~12 min/mi

Sunrise bunny count = 1 (Warren St!) on the way to meet Rebecca & Barry at Candy Cane, where Avon Breast Cancer Walk volunteers are setting up a pink tent city and monster commercial kitchen & shower Trucks block the parking lot. We trek down Beach Dr and back, with a detour along Military Rd to add hills. Conversation topics include entropy and time's arrow, the animated film Ratatouille, exhibits at the soon-to-close Corcoran art gallery, literal-minded French tax lawyers, and varieties of the philosophical Trolley Problem — after that last of which, I eye my companions warily when we pause on a bridge above roiling Rock Creek, lest they decide to push me off to save the more worthy life of someone in the water. Runkeeper and Garmin GPS record the route.

^z - 2014-06-07