2014-06-23 - McLean HS Speedwork

~5 miles @ ~11.9 min/mi

Sunrise trek with Dr Kerry & Dr Kristin to McLean High School (arch-rival of Kerry's kids' Langley HS) for half a dozen 200m intervals, timed at 47-48-49-50-50-51 seconds, swinging out to avoid walkers and joggers in the inner lanes of the track. Return via Old Chain Bridge Rd, chatting about today's grade school curriculum. Comrade Kerry has enough willpower to stop at 4.8 miles, but OCD Kristin and I must trot on through the parking lot to make it 5+. We stretch afterwards and discuss homeschooling history and regulations in Maryland. Runkeeper and Garmin concur on the route.

^z - 2014-07-07