2014-06-28 - Leland and Mormon Temple Hillwork

~16 miles @ ~11.4 min/mi

22 rabbit jackpot! Alone at sunrise I almost bump into a solo bunny on Warren St, then join Sam Yerkes and Gayatri Datta to spy a solid dozen as we run westbound along über-hilly Leland to Bethesda, plus another nine (perhaps including a few duplicates) on the return trip to Candy Cane City. We also see two big deer, one with velvety antlers, and an eye-searing memorably lime-green fluorescent t-shirt. Don Libes joins us at 0730, followed by Barry Smith and Rebecca Rosenberg. It's one week after their Bighorn odyssey two miles high in Wyoming/Montana. We trot north along Rock Creek and, with Don as my personal "rabbit", I do 5 (five!) Mormon Temple hill repeats along Stoneybrook Dr.

Fuel for the journey is last night's hot-and-sour veggie soup plus General Tso's veggie pseudo-chicken, joined by this morning Peet's coffee and Nutella on a stale matzoh. During the run I eat a packet of orange Sports Beans. Runkeeper and Garmin GPS agree reasonably well.

^z - 2014-07-09