2014-08-06 - McLean Lanes

~5 miles @ ~10.5 min/mi

Big red rubber ball Sun rises in front of Amber, Kerry, Kristin, and me as we trot down Chain Bridge Rd into McLean, with a high contrail pointing the way. Turn left at Starbucks, then on a side street pause to wet head with Kristin in a lawn sprinkler's spray. Reminisce about 1950's & '60's science fiction novels read in ill-spent youth, reminded of Eric Frank Russell's Wasp as we follow Wasp St to cross via another park to Davis St and return. Kerry's son Fletcher is 17 today (Happy Birthday!); she tells of a high school book club novel involving questions of "What is a person?", which leads to discussion of mind, robotics, animal consciousness, Hans Moravec, Daniel Dennett, etc. Add an extra loop around the office campus to get GPS readings past 5.00 miles as we return to the loading dock start-finish line. Join Kristin in dangerous-to-old-tendon cool down stretches. Runkeeper and Garmin data concur.

^z - 2014-08-22