2014-08-10 - Sligo Creek with Dr Mary

~6 miles @ ~15 min/mi

As Mary Ewell and I are about to start our run at Sligo-Dennis Rec Center a woman passerby says, "Hi, Mark!" It's fast Theresa Allio, whom I ran with last month and of course fail to recognize. "I'm sorry, but you'll have to embarrass me a few dozen more times before I learn your name and face!" I sadly tell her. (cf. 2014-07-13_-_Meet_Theresa).

Three rabbits flee during a warm and humid Sunday afternoon trek, as Mary and I alternately walk and sprint along Sligo Creek. A digression on natural-surface trail and neighborhood roads takes us to the big millpond near Dennis Av that Barry Smith showed me last year. Fun conversations touch upon the value of lovingkindness (metta) meditation, upcoming race plans, the challenges of working for an unenlightened boss, the benefits of weight training, and the importance of listening to one's spouse. The payoff: a Chinese feast at Palais du Lune that includes eggplant in garlic sauce and veggie egg fu yung. Runkeeper and Garmin show the way.

^z - 2014-08-30