2014-08-27 - Orange McLean Orbits

~8.5 miles @ ~11.6 min/mi

"We all got the Orange Memo today!" an appropriately dressed dog-walker points out, as Kristin and I run by him in downtown McLean. Kerry, up ahead, has orange stripes on her shorts. It's a dawn mini-adventure trek, past the elementary school and middle school that Kerry's kids attended. Perhaps some day we'll stretch the Georgetown Pike segment of the route to include a lap around their high school track as well.

At the loading dock pink tinges the horizon. I can't get the Garmin GPS started (bad power switch?), so after a minute's delay off we go without it. Fog hangs low over meadows. Kerry reminisces about picnics, parties, and pushing tots on swings at the playground. A crosswalk delay brings to mind the classic romantic comedy movie "WALK, DON'T RUN" and, when we reach the stream Dead Run, the similar 50's-era fishing film "MAN'S FAVORITE SPORT". Some miles later I toss in a caveated plug for the crude-but-fun "CRANK 2" in the context of car-battery improvised-defibrillator banter.

There are no bunny or deer sightings, but at one point Kristin scolds me, "Slow down, White Rabbit!", as I trot ahead. Then she takes the lead for a strong mile 7 sprint, which she credits to a quad espresso belatedly kicking in. Back at the start "Team We're Not (Too) Obsessive" does an extra 50 meters to get all GPS readings past 8.5 miles. Kerry stops and just smiles at us. Cooldown walk discussion includes tentative plans for long runs on fall/winter Friday morns. Runkeeper shows data on the trek.

^z - 2014-09-15