2014-11-24 - Fall Down Go Boom

~7.9 miles @ ~10.9 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/fall_down_run_2014-11-24_z.jpgRidiculously warm weather with just traces of light drizzle: Kerry & I set out to get a drink at the W&OD water fountain, but when we arrive our hopes are dashed — it's turned off, as is the tap on the side for dogs. We pause at a convenience store on Route 7 and Kerry buys bottled water.

Kristin, returned from travels but still suffering from psoas twinges, texts to track us and then meets us on Magarity Rd (which autocorrect renders as "Margarita"!).

Back at the start Kerry branches off and Kristin takes a final loop around the MITRE campus. That excursion ends in excitement when, while looking up to see if lights are on in my 4th floor office area, I trip on the sidewalk curb, fall, and scrape right hand, arm, and leg. Oops!

But Good News: I land successfully protecting the new iPhone 6, and the trackfile record is intact. Yay! |

Dr Kristin goes into Mommy Mode and, after rinsing wounds and taking photos for the run report (see above), escorts me to the Nurse's Office. It's closed until 0745, so back at the locker room I shower and change, gingerly put on white office shirt, then return for treatment.

After washing scrapes with soap and a baptism in hydrogen peroxide, bandaging up, and making me promise to go to the doctor's office for stitches comes the MOST painful part: filling out office Incident Report forms. OUCH!!!

Runkeeper records route and pace data. After typing for a few hours I feel the scrapes and bruises starting to ache, so it's time to phone in for an appointment, go to the local Kaiser Permanente center, and get five stitches from Dr Do, a D.O. | http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/hand_stitches_arm_scrapes_z_2014-11-28.jpg |

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