2014-12-12 - McLean Dawn Trot

~5 miles @ ~12.3 min/mi

Chilly north wind cuts through our layers as Kerry, Kristin, and I set out across the office parking lot. The Moon is high in the west beside Jupiter. We more-or-less reverse Wednesday's route, but overshoot the turn from Great Falls St. Should we backtrack? "Never!" say I. "It would spoil the trackfile and admit that we made a mistake."

So we continue to Kirby Rd and follow it eastward. A shadowy creature — fox? — trots across the lane in front of us. We pause on Westmoreland St to witness an Iridium satellite flare at 6:33am. On the McLean High School track we do a lap to add bonus mileage. Tonight Kerry's daughter, on the Langley HS varsity basketball team, will play here versus their cross-town arch-rival. "Maybe we should run around the gymnasium counterclockwise," I suggest, "to put a hex on them?"

A cloud bank glows violet as dawn looms. During cooldown stretching after we get back Kristin tells of her kids summoning her last evening to witness a lovely sunset. Sweet! Runkeeper records route.

^z - 2014-12-30