2015-02-02 - Warm Icy Trek

~10 miles @ ~12.5 min/mi

"Let's do the bridge over Route 7," I suggest to Kerry and Kristin, "in case the Hot Yoga class is in session." Alas, when we get there the big picture window is dark. I jump to get a better view and almost slip on the ice. "Now if you fell," Kristin says, "That would definitely have to go in the report!"

Rabbit count = 1 today, a big soggy bunny by Kerry's cut-through at McLean High School. We do one lap around the track there to decorate the GPS map, then proceed down Westmoreland St to the W&OD Trail. Dogs wear flashing lights, and their eyes glow in our headlamps. I stumble but manage not to fall on the sidewalk, giving K&K a surge of adrenaline.

A light drizzle begins to fall midway through the journey. Cyclists are uniformly polite today, and a school bus stops to let us cross Idlywood Rd safely in front of it when we find ourselves mistakenly on a stretch without sidewalks. Birds chirp at us as the day brightens. Temperatures in the mid-30s feel warm compared to last week. Runkeeper records route.

^z - 2015-02-24