2015-10-10 - No We Will Not

~7.8 miles @ ~15.7 min/mi

"No, we will not crawl under that train!" says Dr Fonda, when we find our route blocked by a line of stationary freight cars on the tracks at Garrett Park Station. And later, "No, we will not throw stones at the hornet's nest in that tree!"

At 6am after a quick "Good Morning!" with Stephanie's mom, daughter, and Louis ze French bulldog it's time to get moving. Venus, Jupiter, and a thin crescent Moon glow in a line through hazy clouds. My hip adductors and groin ache (hope no hernia!), while Stephanie's left calf twinges after hill repeats yesterday /(hope not torn!). Rock Creek Trail is gloomy by the fading light of my headlamp (new batteries needed!). Sticks and muddy patches decorate the asphalt.

We leave the woods and tour neighborhood streets - Saul, Parkwood, Franklin, Cedar - with a detour around the Unitarian church parking lot. Stephanie points out a beautiful tree with gnarly bark, and later we see spiky seed pods on the sidewalk. Conversation is thoughtful and happy. So nice to share a sunrise with a friend!

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