2015-10-11 - Sunday Silver Spring Saunter

~10.6 miles @ ~11.1 min/mi

"Hooray!" Loud cheers erupt as I run by Denizens Brewing Co., an outdoor beer garden and microbrewery in downtown Silver Spring. Pure coincidence: at that very moment the Atlanta Falcons, with 51 seconds to go in their game versus the Washington Redskins, score a go-ahead touchdown, but the officials reverse it. Too bad everybody at the sports bar is applauding me and misses the football action, eh?!

"Mark!" shouts friendly Phil, and honks his horn as I dash across Georgia Avenue at the light. A chain saw screams as it converts a gigantic tree into mega-log segments in Rosemary Hills. White cabbage butterflies flit across a lawn. Flags and thank-you notes decorate the tiny Memorial Park ([1]) across the street from the library in Takoma Park.

Sunday afternoon is seasonable, temps in the upper 60s, light breezes, a lovely time for a solo ramble down Sligo Creek Trail and neighborhood sidewalks. At mile 6+ pretty scenery distracts from twinges in the groin triggered by coughs (hope no hernia?) and the old nemesis, metatarsalgia in the left foot (are the new Hoka One One shoes too narrow in the toe box?). With a quarter mile to go friendly neighbors John and Miriam driving home pause to offer me a ride. "No, but thank you!".

(trackfile) - ^z - 2015-11-04