2016-07-13 - Pokemon Go and Stop

~5.9 miles @ ~13.8 min/mi

Instead of "Pokémon Go" perhaps it should be called "Pokémon Stop"? Mega-apologies to patient comrade Kerry, as I stare at my screen and interrupt the trek through Scotts Run Nature Preserve to catch virtual creatures. Real bunny count = 0; ditto zero actual deer sightings. On a dirt trail we pass another Pokémon hunter, who looks as though the walk in the woods is the most exercise he has undertaken in quite a while. Good on him, and on the game for encouraging outdoor activity!

"Now we know the answer to that philosophical question!" Kerry observes, after a tree falls in the forest and makes a loud noise. (Yes, we're nobody!) On Churchill St we investigate a potential cut-through behind a stand of bamboo, but the connection to a proper trail is unclear, so we turn back rather than trespass or risk falling into a creek. Kerry catches cobwebs for The Team as she leads, and makes a graceful recovery from a near-epic stumble on a hidden root. A scramble down to the Potomac River yields lovely views and a Magikarp.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2016-08-04