2016-07-17 - Rock Creek Recovery

~4.9 miles @ ~12.7 min/mi

"Mileage OCD, I pwnz you!" This morning's sunrise walkabout with Dr Stephanie ends with 5.99 miles on the GPS, and the run along Rock Creek at 4.99 miles. Yay for (some tiny shreds of) self-control!

Barry shares stories from last weekend's odyssey to Missoula, which included a beer run, a 5k, an über-steep climb to the big "M" on the mountain above town, and oh yeah, a marathon. I'm late arriving to KenGar and apologize to Ken and Rebecca. The gang is amused by Pokémon Go. K&R run ahead for speed & distance.

Earlier, Stephanie and I walk to Dunkin Donuts for iced coffee and discuss vulnerability and friendship, virtue and life. She shares sweet news: after witnessing the niceness of ultrarunners at yesterday's Catoctin 50k, her wise daughter asks, "Mama, when can I run my first 50k?".

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